Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Scarf and wrist warmers.

Hello,hope you are all ok,have you been enjoying warm thinks is all about to go pear shaped,with wet n windy wev on it's way take care.Well at long last here are the scarf and wrist warmers,I made for my arty friends birthday back in April,she very kindly took pics and emailed to me as I forgot.Hope you likey.Hugs xxxx

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Well hello there.Hope you are all well and enjoying good weather,have you had the thunder storms ! This is the blanket for Baxter the Border Terrier,I just love him to bits,he lives just down the road but is moving to Hayle sob sob.I forgot to take a pic of Daisy's blanket and tried to transfer a pic from FB off her page ( well her owners ),but it kept going wrong.I also forgot to take pics of the wrist warmers and scarf,I made for my friend what am I like.she said she will email me a pic tho.Anyway do hope you like Baxters blanket.I am making a quick baby blanket for my neighbour who is about to have a lil girl.I also have  Humphreys blanket to  ps.I have photographed the back of the blanket instead of the front,blimey I really do need to get a grip ha

Saturday, April 7, 2018


To all of my blogging friends who commented on my last post.I am so much better now.I do know what triggered the episode but wont bore you all with the details and there are so many people who are going through so much worse anyway.I haven't had one of THOSE for a very very long time,although most days are a challenge,I am a fighter and try to have a glass half  full,be so thankful for what I am lucky enough to have.So friends,thanks again and I will try and get to your wonderful blogs soooooon.I have manage to make a pair of wrist warmers ( well I am in the middle of sewing them up ) for a very dear and very talented artist friend of mine.She always says to me near her Birthday,will I make her something,but she is so talented I feel as if I'm just not clever enough.But this year I have.Will post them soon.Happy Weekend to all.xxxxxxx

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


"THE BLACK DOG",it came in the night,it's large paws around me  oh so tight.
I couldn't breath I gulped for air but it dragged me down down into it's dark lair.So there I lay for what has been an age,fighting and fighting to stop this inner rage.Helpless,no control when will it end,this awful hubble bubble,I think there is a chink of light at the end of the Tunnel.I begin to feel lighter,the black is slowly fading I'm being lifted out.For all those who have been through and are going through this awful  DEPRESSION,you are not alone.

Friday, February 9, 2018


Hi,well it's finished at last.I was going to do another two bands but to be honest I just wanted rid of it lol.It is a really bright Apple Green,as usual the photos do not do it justice.I hope the Twins will be snuggly anyway.I have just started the dog blanket for Princess Daisy the Bichon.What are you making.Keep warm.xx

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Doggy blanket

Well,one very quick no nonsense doggy blanket in Chunky.Nothing outstanding about it,done in double crochet.I think Ralph the Jack Russell will love it,especially as it is flippin freezing here at the moment.What a storm we had last night,well most of the day actually but last night was so bad we couldnt hear the TV for the noise of the hailstones and the force of the wind.Luckily the power stayed on.Have a safe week stay warm if you can.Huggles

Sunday, January 28, 2018

End of An Era

My Wonderful Aunty M died on Saturday morning.She was  a Formidable woman,all 5ft 10 of her her staff would quake when they saw her if they were not doing their job.I Loved her,she was great fun and had a good sense of humour.She had a very happy life and marriage,not actually getting married until she was 50.Her husband died last October,she wasn't really aware as she had had Dementia for 18 months and has been quite ill with lung problems,not smoking related as she never smoked.My mums only sibling,needless to say she is very upset.i have such happy memories of Aunty M,so Goodbye Dear Aunty may you Rest In Peace.